Muráň Castle, Plaveč a Plavecký Castle

Muráň Castle

Muráň Castle, one of the highest castles in Slovakia, was built as a royal guard castle on the top of Cigánka, a cliff of 935 m. In the first half of the 16th century the castle fell into the hands of the robber knight Matthias Bas. The castle thrived at the time when it was owned by Maria Szécha, who is known for her beauty and was often referred to as the Murano Venus. During its ownership the chateau was luxuriously restored and became the meeting place of the nobility.

Muráň Castle

Plaveč Castle

The ruins of Plaveč Castle from the 13th century are an ideal place with a unique view. It is a guard castle built to protect the road leading to Poland and ford across the river Poprad. His name is derived from the Swimmers tribe, who invited the Hungarian king to settle in the border areas of the kingdom. The castle burnt down in 1856 and has since been ruined. Today there are only remnants of the southeast wall with a cylindrical tower.

Plavecký Castle

Plavecký Castle, the subject of many legends. The imperial army destroyed the castle in 1707 and gradually turned into ruins. The ruin stands on a steep hill at the foot of the Little Carpathians, represents an impressive silhouette and is a popular destination for hikers.

Plavecká Cave

Not far from the castle is Plavecká Cave, which is part of the local karst area. The neighboring mountain, Pohanská, contains the remains of a Celtic settlement.