Castle Modrý Kameň and Ostrý Kameň

Castle Modrý Kameň

Castle Modrý Kameň stands on a hill above the town of Modrý Kameň. At present, the castle houses a unique Museum of Dolls and Toys, which is the only museum of its kind in Slovakia. In its best times, the castle was one of the most important in the Kingdom of Hungary, it was part of the defense line against the Turks.

Visitors can see a permanent exposition from the life of dwarfs. The historical exhibition of dental technology of the Slovak Chamber of Dentists is a unique exhibition in Central Europe. In addition to exhibitions, the castle also organizes several interesting events and festivals.

Museum of Dolls and Toys

Ostrý Kameň Castle

North of Smolenice is the village of Buková, from which a marked trail leads to the romantic ruins of the castle Ostrý Kameň. In the past, the castle was a royal border fortress that guarded the Czech Road. The upper part of the castle offers a beautiful view of the Little Carpathians and Záhorská lowland.