Krásna Hôrka Castle

Krásna Hôrka

Krásna Hôrka Castle is located east of Roznava. The main attraction is the preserved body of Sophie Andrássy-Serédy. Writer Mór Jókai used the motif of mummy in his White Lady.

The original Gothic castle Krásna Hôrka was built around 1320. The fortifications were added to the castle during the Turkish threat.

On the main altar of the chapel is a picture of the Black Madonna, also known as the Virgin Mary of Beautiful Horka.


Visitors to the chateau can enjoy an exhibition at the Betliar Museum, which illustrates the history and development of the castle and the way of life of nobles in the past.

The Krásna Hôrka Castle with its original furniture is one of the best preserved in Slovakia and it is definitely worth visiting. Visitors are also interested in the castle kitchen and a rich collection of weapons. In the 20th century, a medieval catapult was installed near the castle, which is used during castle games organized every year.


The mausoleum was built by Dionysus Andrassy, ​​who lived in Vienna but loved Gemer. Against the will of his relatives, he married Czech singer Frantisek Hablavcova, for which he almost disintegrated. He lived with her in an extremely happy but childless marriage. The Krásna Hôrka Castle was thoroughly restored and established a museum dedicated to his beloved wife. Thanks to him, exhibits of exceptional historical and artistic value were concentrated here. Krásnohorská exposition has the largest collection of historical works in Slovakia.