Fiľakovo Castle and Castle Sitno

Fiľakovo Castle

Fiľakovo Castle, which survived the Tatar raids in the 13th century, is a significant landmark of Fiľakovo. Although the castle fortification was supposed to protect it against the Turks, in 1554 it was conquered. For nearly 40 years the castle remained in their hands and became the center of the Turkish administrative district.

The castle offers a wonderful view of the whole city and its surroundings.

Sitno Castle

Sitno, the highest mountain of the Štiavnica Mountains, dominates the southwest horizon of Banská Štiavnica and offers a beautiful view. The three parts of the mountain are quite steep, but almost accessible, and on the fourth side stands Sitno Castle, or rather its ruins.

The mountain is the subject of many legends. One of the most popular talks about knights hidden in her bowels, who are ready to intervene in the event of the worst.

Its reconstructed lookout tower from 1727 is now available for tourists.