Cage of shame in Levoča

Cage of shame

It is assumed that the cage of shame in Levoča is the only original cage of shame that has been preserved in Slovakia. The medieval pillory, made of iron rods, paradoxically decorated with metal lilies and hearts – symbols of love and innocence. They dates back to the 16th century.

Levoča, Source: Pixabay

Punishment in a cage of shame

The cage of shame stands next to the Town Hall. Those interested can be locked into it even without guilt. In the past, the culprits served offenders who were not subject to capital punishment. However, in the past, staying in a cage was supposed to be a disgrace to the guilty and to the passers-by and a warning to passers-by. The punishment was therefore carried out during the fair, when there were a large number of people in the square. They usually blamed the convict for contempt.

In this way, women were most often exposed to public shame, who, after the lamps had been ingested, appeared in the aisles of night-time Levoča without a man.

Cage of shame in Levoča