Čachtice Castle


The ruins of the castle in the Carpathians above the village of Čachtice is the castle of Čachtice, the residence of the famous bloody Countess Elizabeth Bathory.

The castle was one of the peripheral royal castles, whose task was to defend the western border of the Hungarian Kingdom.

Elizabeth Bathory

The famous Elizabeth Bathory lived here at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. For her sadistic habits she earned her name a bloody countess. She allegedly killed 600 young girls in whose blood she had bathed to remain eternally young and beautiful.

In 1611 the Countess of Bytča was sentenced to life imprisonment and died in 1614. The story of the Blood Countess became the subject of numerous literary and theatrical works.

The castle was burnt down during the rebellion of soldiers and since then began to decline.

Čachtice Castle