Banská Bystrica Town Castle

Town Castle

The Banská Bystrica Town Castle was once made up of several historical buildings in the center of Banská Bystrica. Their task was to protect copper mining and silver mining, which constituted income for the Royal Treasury.

Banská Bystrica

The Banská Bystrica Town Castle, a characteristic landmark and symbol of the historical center of Banská Bystrica with a typical silhouette of a pair of onion towers is a national cultural monument.

The town castle was founded alongside the original mining settlement, which preceded the foundation of the town.

Parish church

The town castle was built gradually. In the 13th century the Parish Church was built, the first in this structure and later in the 15th century fortifications were added.

In addition to the parish church and fortifications, the castle structure also includes the Church of the Holy Cross, which was built in 1452 and a pre-castle with a tower, which used to be the gateway to the castle.

Banská Bystrica Castle is located in the city center.